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Updated March 2010

Peter L. White

Binghamton, New York 13903

Email Address: PLWhite@iccb.us


SUMMARY:     A senior manager/advisor; experience includes several Fortune 100 company.  Expertise is broad in scope, including project management; site management of equipment engineering; site management instrumentation; quality assurance engineering; new products engineering management; international liaison; logistics; chemical process engineering; hybrid semiconductor engineering; and manufacturing operations.  Technical leadership of over 3600 managers/ employees of mixed technical skills, in a manufacturing plant, laboratory, program, project, and/or office environment.


MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Organizational savings of more than USD $500,000/yr; managed USD $10+ Million budgets; implemented program that realized USD $2 Million savings/1st year; reduced equipment repair hours by 36% and reduced employment hiring by 20%; increased sales by 300% by changing marketing strategy.


MANAGEMENT/ INDEPENDENT BUSINESS ADVISOR and PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE: Manufacturing Operations; Programming and Software Development; New Product Engineering; Cost Engineering; Schedule Engineering; Information Systems; Equipment Engineering; Chemical Engineering; New Installations; Product and Program; Instrumentation; Quality Control and Quality Assurance; Human Resources; Privatization Programs; and Manufacturing Production.





1993 - PRESENT


Senior Management Advisor and Independent Business Consultant includes:

         Senior Advisor - Consultant, Manufacturing - China, Kazakhstan; also resided in Venezuela, auditing conditions affecting a pipe manufacturer's productivity, equipment availability and down time; evaluate current and future needs. Pipe Manufacturer, Oil Companies, Joint Ventures.

         Installation Leader - New LCG Offshore Manufacturing Line Installation for Corning Inc., involved USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Canada.

         Resided in Kazakhstan; as Business and Technical Advisor to local companies, SME, and an Investment Fund. Follow-on work with contacts and new facility build. Pipe Installation, Oil Company's contracts, Investments.

         ENSCO Incorporated - Site Manager & Business Developer, Corning-Elmira, NY Region; employees, contracts and new business.  ENSCO Regional Account Manager for the Corning/ Elmira Area; SYMTX, Cauga Energy, Broome County, Amphenol, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, and Columbian Financial Group (CFG). Business Manager for the ENSCO Inc. and the IT National Instrument Alliance.

         USA Business Consultant to 4 Russian Companies. Technologies: 3D Laser Imaging; Data Management Systems; Magnetic Flow-Stream Testing, and Valve Manufacturer. Also, promoted Western European and US Agreements on a Russian construction method/ patent.  USA Business Advisor to visiting Russians and/or Foreign Investors.

         Logistics leader, (Project Management) at Corning Inc, Photonics Technologies Plant - relocation and qualify/ coupler technology; manufacturing photonic assemblies, components and special fiber optics.

         Resided in St. Petersburg, Russia; developing plans to promote potential Western European and US Agreements for three Russian Companies; on licensing, distributors, subcontracting, and business partnerships.  Resided in Central Russia/ Asia; initiating changes to marketing; management; organizational structure; social infrastructure; and improved management skills for a large Valve Manufacturer; Resided in St. Petersburg, Russia/ initiating changes to operational management & marketing at two Russian Software Companies; a Silicon Crystal Manufacturer and a Technical Park Organization. Total Quality Management, resided in St. Petersburg, Russia/ initiating a TQM System and improving Operational Management/ Marketing for a diversified Russian (top 10) Computer Manufacturer.

         Guest Speaker (Business) on Europa Plus Radio Station, Kurgan, Russia. Frequent Guest Speaker (Business) at the International University, Kurgan, Russia. Guest Lecturer on HR at the International Management Institute of St. Petersburg, Russia.

         Advisor, Manufacturing Generalist, resided in Poland/ initiating Need-Assessments/ Privatization Programs; includes (for) an Investment Fund, evaluating several Polish Companies.

         Field Associate (FA) for International Executive Service Corps (IESC) since (Honorary position). Also affiliated with CDC as Voluntary Advisor.

         Business assessment of an IT system assembly, consultant services Company in  Romania, for the Romanian American Enterprise Fund (RAEF), Small Loan program (ACCESS for Business/ Romania)


Other major projects: Leader/ feasibility study to establish low technology manufacturing line in the Philippine Islands; Also, Team member/feasibility study to establish high technology semiconductor manufacturing line in Brazil, South America.


IBM CORPORATION -       until 1993


Site Manager, Equipment Engineering; Manager of Technical Product Development; and Management Positions:           


     Site technical support, including: vender equipment; software /chemical/hardware problems; functional center for business improvements; maintain equipment /quality acceptance; designed a released equipment cost reduction program for all Site Technologies; developed the tracking /measurement format used for problem identification/ solving/ reporting - Results: 36% less equipment repair hours.


     Multiple Site Management of multi-million dollar mission to upgrade, calibrate, repair/ replace instrumentation used in manufacturing and laboratory processes; developed and implemented built-in maintenance procedures; under my direction: cost effectiveness savings/ reductions of USD $531,000.


     Established a formal "released-equipment, cost reduction package" involving the development of program objectives and impact analysis; audited IBM Toronto's newly installed manufacturing line including a facility equipment repair study and a review of equipment availability; resulted in the need for 20% less equipment repair technicians; originated/ implemented the IBM Endicott site "Cost of Maintenance" program, with a realized parts/ labor, first year savings of USD $2,000,000 dollars.


American Site/ Plant Manager, IBM America's/Far East Headquarters; Site Director and Liaison Manager (Bromont, Quebec, Canada - Endicott, New York)


     Resident in Quebec, Canada: Installed a new process/manufacturing line into IBM Bromont, Canada; provided management support/direction for the engineering process and equipment; installation, debug, process qualification, and engineering support contributing to Bromont being IBM's lowest cost fabricator of metalized ceramic semiconductors; monitored adherence of program planning against objectives, recommending and instigating remedial action as needed; thus contributing to Bromont's survival as the only IBM non-USA manufacturer using the metalized ceramic semiconductor technology.


EDUCATION: IBM, BS Chemical/Electrical Engineering; Long Island A & T, Civil Engineering; College of St. Joseph, Liberal Arts; Technical /Management Training Courses - over 2400 hours; Electrochemical Training Program - 2200 hours; 570 hours marketing; Also, 246 hours Legal /USA tax laws, with NATP Certification since 1994. 


LANGUAGES: English/native; Spanish/4.0 years; French/3.5 years, Russian/40 hours.


PUBLICATIONS: Award Winning Author of 15 Technical Publications.


SPECIAL AWARDS: USA Presidentís Bronze Award (2006); USA Presidentís Silver Award (2005); also, Multi-Letters of Appreciation (2006, 2005, 2004) from IESC by assisting the establishment of democracy and private enterprise (Kazakhstan).  Certificate of Appreciation (2002, 1997, and 1996) International Service auspices: US Agency International Development (Russia); Certificate of Appreciation from CDC (1996) for USA AID in Developing Countries (Poland and Russia); Service to Country Award (1995) International Service; auspices: US Agency International Development (Russia); New York State Senate Citation Entrepreneurial Skills; IBM's Technical Author's Recognition AwardIBM President's Award; IBM Technology Plant Manager's Award for "Excellence in People Management"; IBM Excellent Plus Site Award for Quality CircleMarket Driven Quality Program was chosen for Site MDQ Forum; Technical paper received recognition; In-Action Quality Forum, World Class Manufacturing; Also, many other awards and recognitions.